Shopping for Ranches – A Log Cabin on 20 Acres


Every once in a great while I get a chance to work with real estate buyers shopping for property outside of Vancouver. This opportunity recently presented itself so I dusted off my gum boots and other gear and prepared for a trip to the Okanagan. Past property research expeditions have led me to Gabriola Island, Vancouver Island, Washington State and as far north as Quesnel.

Log Cabin

We visited several majestic spots over two days; it turns out that you sometimes need to drive long, steep access roads to reach the great views. We also wound up looking at property at some less-than-majestic spots but like everything, you take the good with the bad.

The property that my clients settled on is a log cabin on nearly 20 acres about 45 minutes from Vernon in the Creighton Valley. As luck would have it, there was a river running though it. Okay, more like a seasonal stream or a brook. On a side note, I was caught red-handed removing some rhubarb from the property as the listing Realtor pulled into the driveway. I assured her that the rhubarb was strictly for due diligence purposes.

Renovations are underway with B&B rooms to be ready soon! Hopefully my clients/friends remember all my hard work when it comes time to pay for my stay at the B&B.