Why Use a REALTOR®?

Do I Need a REALTOR®?
How hard can selling a property be? The selling process can be a minefield and a licensed REALTOR® can help you navigate it successfully and without any serious casualties.

Leveraging the MLS and Advertising
REALTORS® have access to the all-important Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a national system that is accessible to buyers worldwide. In addition, REALTORS® use all types of media to fully expose your property to the buying public.

Unless you have years of sales experience in the property sales business, it is in your best interest to leave this job to a REALTOR®. Your REALTOR® acts on your behalf and handles all inquiries about your home. This includes dealing with “looky-loos”, holding open houses and meeting all buyers for viewings at the property.

You and your REALTOR® have the same goal – maximize the selling price of your home.