Home Inspector Licensing Requirements to be Strengthened in BC

News out recently that home inspectors in BC will have more stringent licensing and continuing education requirements as of the end of 2015 (why rush it, right?). This article mentions that 78% of BC home inspectors themselves believe that requirements need to be more rigorous. If the inspectors themselves are sounding the alarm then you know this is a major concern.


Everyone knows purchasing real estate is fraught with potentially costly mistakes. It therefore seems obvious that a buyer would want a highly trained and regulated professional conducting a home inspection on their behalf. These forthcoming changes appear to be a better late than never response from the BC government.

Certain problems found in an inspection can be very serious and costly to remedy. Also, beware of choosing to forego the home inspection just because the home is newer or appears sound.

I’ve heard several stories about inspectors missing seemingly obvious problems in homes or being under-qualified to perform the necessary tasks. If you have had any troubling (or pleasant for that matter) experiences with a home inspection please let me know in the comments.



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