“I Have an Accepted Offer on a Property – Can I Skip the Home Inspection?”

Are you a gambler by nature? Making the choice to not have an inspection done on your next potential home purchase could end up being a very costly mistake. Even newer properties can benefit from a full inspection for peace of mind. There are several reasons why ordering a home inspection makes sense:

  1. The inspection cost (usually between $400-$600) represents only a very small percentage of the purchase price yet can save you thousands or even tens of thousands in future repair costs.
  2. Home inspectors are now regulated and must be licensed in BC and can advise you on the positives and negatives of a particular property.
  3. Home inspectors are a neutral party and can give you unbiased advice on the condition of your potential home purchase.
  4. All reputable home inspectors will generate a full report for your review after completing the inspection.
  5. In certain situations your REALTOR® may be able to negotiate price reductions on your behalf following an inspection.

The inspection itself will usually take between 2-4 hours. I recommend that the buyers meet the inspector at the property as he/she is finishing so that they can do the walk-through with the inspector as he/she points out deficiencies, etc.

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Further Information:
Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC)
BC Institute of Property Inspectors (BCIPI)

2 Replies to ““I Have an Accepted Offer on a Property – Can I Skip the Home Inspection?””

  1. yes!
    when we bought our brandnew place, our home inspector also helped us by finding deficiencies we never would have thought of/noticed – so we could get the builder to fix them well before the time limit.

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